Panamá 2024

Professional Meeting: Synergies for Growth and Collaboration

This event’s main objective is to connect professionals from various fields through keynote conferences and panels that promote learning, celebrating the essence of the meetings industry, which is based on the connection between people. During these 2 days, universities, industries, unions, scientific societies and businessmen will meet. At this meeting, we will bring together leaders and experts from different areas to explore opportunities for collaboration and growth.


The event will provide a networking and learning space, where participants can interact with other professionals, share experiences and innovative solutions. The event will feature 60 prominent speakers who will address a wide variety of topics related to tourism and, in particular, event organization. The goal is to encourage interaction between attendees and promote professional growth. Each participant will have the option to choose the topics of interest to them and enjoy more than 32 sessions.

Through interaction and mutual learning, we hope that participants will strengthen their skills and knowledge, and establish lasting relationships with other professionals, thus creating new opportunities.

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